Facebook Stock Hits New High, Doubling Its IPO Price
Seth Fiegerman,

What a dif­fer­ence two years make.

Face­book stock topped $76 a share in early trad­ing Thurs­day, a new all-time high for the com­pa­ny and more than dou­ble its IPO price of $38 in May 2012. The com­pa­ny now has a mar­ket cap of $193…

Apple ‘tentatively’ plans mid-September iPhone event as iOS 8 nears completion
Mark Gurman,

Apple is gear­ing up for its first major hard­ware and soft­ware launch­es of 2014. The Cupertino-based com­pa­ny is “ten­ta­tive­ly” plan­ning a keynote address in mid-September to announce the iPhone 6 and pro­vide final details on iOS 8,…

Google buys 3D graphics startup DrawElements for over $10M
Tom Cheredar,

Search engine giant Google has pur­chased Helsinki-based 3D graph­ics start­up DrawEle­ments, the com­pa­ny con­firmed on its web­site today.

While finan­cial terms of the deal were not dis­closed, Arc­tic­start­up reports that the sale price wa…

The next age of Foursquare begins today
By Ellis Hamburger,

Foursquare needed a fresh start, so it created a brand new identity

In mid-May, Foursquare decid­ed to split itself in two. The first half is Swarm, an app that lets you find friends near­by and check in. The sec­ond half is the forth­com­ing…

The NSA Shared Sexually Explicit Photographs, Says Edward Snowden
Stephanie Burnett,

For some agents, Snowden says, the racy images were one of the “fringe benefits of surveillance positions”

Edward Snow­den, the Nation­al Secu­ri­ty Agency con­trac­tor turned whistle-blower, claims that “incred­i­bly weak” over­sight of U.S.…

More People in China Now Go Online With Mobile Devices Than PCs

The num­ber of China’s inter­net users going online with a mobile device — such as a smart­phone or tablet — has over­tak­en those doing so with a per­son­al com­put­er (PC) for the first time, said the offi­cial China Inter­net Net­work…

The Details About the CIA’s Deal With Amazon
Frank Konkel,

A $600 million computing cloud built by an outside company is a “radical departure” for the risk-averse intelligence community.

The intel­li­gence com­mu­ni­ty is about to get the equiv­a­lent of an adren­a­line shot to the chest. This sum­mer, …

Snowden Calls On Developers To Champion Privacy By Design
Natasha Lomas,

Speak­ing at the Hope X con­fer­ence tak­ing place in New York this week­end, NSA whistle­blow­er Edward Snow­den put out a call for devel­op­ers to build sys­tems that pro­tect pri­va­cy and con­sti­tu­tion­al rights by design. He also revealed h…

Edward Snowden Plans to Work on Privacy Tech
Arik Hesseldahl,

NSA leak­er Edward Snow­den says he plans to work on tech­nol­o­gy to pre­serve per­son­al data pri­va­cy and called on pro­gram­mers to join his efforts.

Speak­ing via a Google Hang­out at the Hack­ers on Plan­et Earth Con­fer­ence in New York,…

4.7-inch iPhone production to start third week of July, 5.5-inch second week of August as Foxconn confirms hiring of 100K workers
Mike Beasley,

Apple is set to begin mass pro­duc­tion of the next-generation iPhone next week, the Eco­nom­ic Daily report­ed today. Accord­ing to the report, the small­er 4.7-inch model will enter pro­duc­tion in the third week of July, while the larg­er 5.5-i…

6 Scientific Reasons You Can’t Stop Looking At Ruin Porn

From hedonic reversal to fear of boredom, these psychological concepts offer insight into why that dilapidated warehouse is so appealing.

Supreme Court Jus­tice Pot­ter Stew­art famous­ly said of pornog­ra­phy, “I know it when I see it,” but rui…

Facebook Tests Buy Button To Let You Purchase Stuff Without Leaving Facebook
Josh Constine,

Face­book is try­ing out let­ting you pay for ecom­merce pur­chas­es from other busi­ness­es with­out leav­ing its site or app. For now it won’t be charg­ing the few small and medium-sized busi­ness­es in the US to test this new Buy but­ton on the…

LG Created A Flexible Display That Can Roll Up Like A Newspaper
Steven Tweedie,

LG Dis­play has cre­at­ed an 18-inch flex­i­ble OLED dis­play that can be rolled up just like a news­pa­per.

The flex­i­ble panel has a res­o­lu­tion of 1200 x 810 pix­els and can be rolled up into a tube-like shape with a radius of 3 cm.


LinkedIn acquires Newsle, a Google Alerts-style service for you and your network

Paul Sawers,

LinkedIn’s has announced it has acquired Newsle, a ser­vice that lets you import your con­tacts from Face­book or LinkedIn and scans the Web to alerts you whether any­one in your net­work has been men­tioned on the Web.

The good news for cur­ren…

3D Printing Is Comfortably Correcting How We Heal
Gregory Han,

On a scale from 1-10, the hype about the potential of 3D printing has reached a fevered mark deserving a Spinal Tap-ian “11″. But where the excitement may be deserved and development may prove revolutionary is within the field of prosthetic device…

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